The classroom curriculum of Sekolah Ciputra Highschool

The classroom curriculum in the High School is based on the Indonesian National Curriculum 2006 and international best practice. In Years 7 to 10, this curriculum follows the guidelines of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) .

The MYP is a course of study designed to meet the educational needs of students aged between 11 and 16 years. It aims to help students develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. This means teaching them to become independent learners who can recognize relationships between school subjects and the world outside. They learn to combine relevant knowledge, experience and critical thinking to solve authentic problems.

ImageThe eight MYP subject groups are designed to provide a broad view for developing knowledge, skills and values, and raising students’ awareness about the relationships across subjects. Students are encouraged to ask questions and be critical in evaluating information, and to develop an awareness about the world in which they belong.

The subject groups are:
Language A, Language B, Mathematics, Arts, Physical Education, Humanities, Science and Technology. Sekolah Ciputra offers English and Indonesian for Language A, and Mandarin and English for Language B. 


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